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Differences between Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

 Differences between Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Bioinformatics   and  Computational  Biology are new field of study in science stream. Both these field initially are confusing to understand, but you study and gain working experience of Bioinformatics   or  Computational  Biology or both.

It becomes obvious scenario where to work, what kind of working skills are required for any of these.

Here are presenting some differences between Bioinformatics and Computational  Biology for better understanding of Bioinformatics Concepts.  

=> Both  Bioinformatics   and  Computational  Biology   are  Computers  and   Biology. 

=> Biologists  who specialize   in  use   of   computational   tools   and  systems   to   answer   problems   of   biology  are bioinformaticians
=> Computer scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and engineers who specialize in developing  theories,   algorithms  and  techniques  for   such  tools  and   systems  are  computational biologists.  

=> The  actual  process of  analyzing  and  interpreting data  is  referred to  as  computational biology.

Important sub- disciplines within bioinformatics and computational biology include:

== the  development  and  implementation  of  tools  that  enable  efficient access to, and use and management of, various types of information.

==  the  development  of  new   algorithms  (mathematical  formulas)  and  statistics   with  which    to assess  relationships   among  members  of  large  data  sets, such  as  methods  to  locate  a  gene within  a  sequence,  predict   protein  structure  and/or  function,  and  cluster protein  sequences into families of related sequences.

=> Bioinformatics has become a mainstay of genomics, proteomics, and all other *. Omics (such as phenomics) and many information technology companies have entered the business or are considering entering the business, creating an IT (Information Technology) and BT (Biotechnology) convergence.

Differences Between "Bioinformaticist and Bioinformatician":

=>A Bioinformaticist is an expert who not only knows how to use bioinformatics tools, but also knows how to write interfaces for effective use of the tools.

=> A Bioinformatician, on the other hand, is trained individual who only knows to use bioinformatics tools without a deeper understanding.

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